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How does Washington law treat the issue of child enticement?

Understanding Child Enticement Laws in Washington State

In the state of Washington, child enticement is considered a severe criminal offense. The law is designed to protect minors from being lured into potentially harmful situations by adults. This can include enticement for the purposes of engaging in sexual activities, abduction, or any other illegal act. Washington's legal framework provides strict penalties for those found guilty of such crimes, reflecting society's commitment to safeguarding children's welfare.

The Legal Definition of Child Enticement

Child enticement refers to the act of persuading, inviting, or attempting to invite a child under a certain age—typically under 16 years—to enter any vehicle, building, or room with the intent to commit a criminal offense. The specific statutes that govern child enticement vary and may encompass different actions and intentions.

Penalties for Child Enticement in Washington

Under RCW 9A.44.083, the law outlines child enticement as a Class C felony, which can result in significant legal consequences. Those found guilty face potential penalties including imprisonment for up to five years, fines, or both. The severity of the punishment can be influenced by factors such as the perpetrator's criminal history and the nature of the intended crime against the child.

Historical Cases of Child Enticement in Washington

Washington has seen several notable cases involving child enticement. For example, in 2004, a man was convicted under Washington law for attempting to lure a 14-year-old girl into his vehicle with nefarious intentions. The incident led to increased community awareness and calls for more stringent enforcement of child protection laws.

Preventive Measures and Community Awareness

The state of Washington has also implemented various preventive measures aimed at reducing incidents of child enticement. These include educational programs in schools, community awareness campaigns, and stringent background checks for individuals working with children. Such initiatives are essential in creating an environment where children can be safe from potential threats.


Child enticement is a serious offense in Washington, treated with utmost severity under the law. The state's legal system is committed to protecting minors from exploitation and harm by implementing rigorous penalties for offenders and preventive measures to safeguard its youngest citizens.