How are student loans treated in Washington divorce cases?

Understanding the Division of Student Loans in Washington Divorces

When couples in Washington State decide to part ways, the division of assets and liabilities becomes a critical aspect of the divorce proceedings. One particularly complex issue is the treatment of student loans. Given that education often precedes marriage, determining who is responsible for these loans post-divorce can be contentious. This article provides an overview of how student loans are handled during divorces in Washington State.

Is Washington a Community Property State?

Yes, Washington is one of the few states that operate under community property principles. This means that any debts accumulated during the marriage are typically considered the responsibility of both parties. However, student loans can present unique challenges in this regard.

Student Loans Incurred Before Marriage

In cases where student loans were incurred before marriage, these are generally considered separate property. Thus, if one spouse took out student loans prior to tying the knot, they would likely remain responsible for these debts post-divorce.

Student Loans Incurred During Marriage

If a spouse incurs student loans during the marriage, things get more complicated. The court may look at several factors:

These factors help determine whether the debt should be divided between both spouses or assigned to the one who received the education.

Case Law and Historical References

In re Marriage of Lundberg, a 2005 case, is often referenced when discussing the distribution of student loan debt in Washington divorces. In this case, the court decided that since the wife's law degree did not substantially benefit the marital community, her student loans would not be considered community debt.

Other Considerations

The court may also consider if both spouses benefited from one spouse's education or if family contributions were made towards one spouse’s education. These considerations can sway how student loan debt is treated in divorce settlements.

Prenuptial Agreements and Student Debt

Couples with foresight might enter into prenuptial agreements that stipulate how student loan debt will be handled in a divorce. This can prevent uncertainty and contention during divorce proceedings.


The handling of student loan debt in Washington State divorces is not always straightforward and depends on various factors, including when the debt was incurred and how much it benefited the marital community. Couples going through a divorce should seek legal advice to navigate this complex issue.