Can I get a simplified dissolution of marriage in Florida?

Understanding Simplified Dissolution of Marriage in Florida

For many couples facing the unfortunate reality of divorce, the prospect of lengthy court battles and extensive legal fees can be daunting. However, residents of Florida may have a more streamlined option available: the simplified dissolution of marriage. This process is designed to make the divorce proceedings quicker and less complicated for those who meet certain criteria.

Eligibility Criteria for Simplified Dissolution

To qualify for a simplified dissolution of marriage in Florida, couples must meet all of the following conditions:

If all these conditions are met, couples can file for a simplified dissolution, which often does not require a lawyer. The process involves filling out a "Petition for Simplified Dissolution of Marriage," which is available at local courthouses or online through the Florida Courts website.

The Process of Simplified Dissolution

The procedure for a simplified dissolution of marriage in Florida typically includes several steps:

  1. Filing the completed petition and other required forms with the court clerk and paying a filing fee.
  2. Distributing property and debts as agreed by both parties.
  3. Attending a final hearing where a judge will review and approve the settlement if everything is in order.

This process can significantly reduce the time and expense associated with traditional divorce proceedings. However, it's important to note that even in a simplified dissolution, legal issues can arise that may benefit from professional advice.

Limits and Considerations

While simplified dissolution offers an expedited pathway to divorce, it's not without limitations. For example, if one party later disagrees with the asset distribution or feels coerced into the agreement, they may not have recourse once the dissolution is finalized. Additionally, should any disputes arise after filing, couples may need to switch to regular dissolution proceedings, which are more complex and require greater legal intervention.


Simplified dissolution of marriage provides couples in Florida with an alternative to traditional divorce that can save time, stress, and expense. However, it's critical that both parties fully understand their rights and the implications of this type of agreement. Consulting with a legal professional may still be advisable even if you qualify for this streamlined process.