What is the process for obtaining a protection order in Washington?

Understanding Protection Orders in Washington

In Washington State, obtaining a protection order is a legal process designed to protect individuals from harassment, stalking, domestic violence, or threats by another person. A protection order is a court order that can prevent contact or communication with the protected person, enforce distance from their home, workplace, or school, and offer various other protections based on the situation.

The Steps to Obtain a Protection Order

To acquire a protection order in Washington, one must follow several key steps:

It's important for petitioners to understand that while protection orders can offer safety and peace of mind, they are not foolproof and do not physically restrain an individual from approaching. Additional measures such as changing locks, installing security systems, and informing family, friends, and employers about the order can complement its effectiveness.

Notable Historical References

An example of the impact of protection orders can be drawn from the landmark case Thurman v. City of Torrington, where Tracy Thurman sued the city's police department for failing to enforce her protection order, leading to her near-fatal stabbing by her husband in 1984. This case led to increased awareness and stricter enforcement laws regarding domestic violence and protection orders nationwide.


Obtaining a protection order in Washington involves several legal steps aimed at safeguarding individuals from potential harm. While navigating this process can be complex, it is pivotal for one's safety and legal rights. Victims are encouraged to seek assistance from local advocacy organizations or legal professionals during this process.