Can a Florida court order a parent to pay for private school tuition?

Understanding the Legal Landscape of Child Education Costs in Florida

In the state of Florida, family law courts have the jurisdiction to address a myriad of issues concerning child custody and child support. One of the key questions that often arise during divorce proceedings or child support hearings is whether a parent can be ordered to pay for private school tuition. The answer is not straightforward and hinges on several factors that courts typically consider.

Criteria for Ordering Payment of Private School Tuition

Florida courts have the discretionary power to order a parent to pay for private school expenses. However, the decision is contingent upon a thorough examination of the following:

For instance, in the case Giancaspro v. Congleton, 125 So.3d 29 (Fla. 4th DCA 2013), the court held that a parent could be required to pay for private school tuition if it had been historically established and agreed upon by both parties. This precedent underscores the court's willingness to maintain educational consistency for the child's benefit.

Parental Agreement and Court Orders

Often, parental agreements made at the time of divorce or separation include provisions regarding education costs. If both parents have agreed to share or cover the cost of private schooling, this agreement can be enforced by a Florida court. Absent an agreement, one parent may still seek a court order; however, they would need to present compelling evidence aligning with the criteria mentioned above.

The Role of Statutory Guidelines and Case Law

While Florida statutes provide a framework for child support, including additional expenses like education, case law further shapes how these statutes are applied. Courts rely heavily on precedents set by previous decisions when determining whether ordering payment of private school tuition is appropriate.


In summary, while there is no absolute entitlement to have private school tuition paid by a non-custodial parent in Florida, courts do have authority under certain circumstances. Parents facing such legal questions should seek competent legal counsel who can offer guidance based on their specific situation and current Florida law.