The Process of Filing a Domestic Partnership in California.

The Basics of Domestic Partnership in California

In California, a domestic partnership offers many of the same rights and responsibilities as marriage. It is a legal recognition provided to couples, regardless of gender, that choose not to marry or are unable to marry. Understanding the process of establishing a domestic partnership is crucial for couples seeking to ensure their union is legally recognized.

Eligibility Criteria for Domestic Partnership

Prior to filing for a domestic partnership, partners must satisfy certain eligibility criteria:

Filing the Declaration of Domestic Partnership

The formal process begins with completing a Declaration of Domestic Partnership (Form NP/SF DP-1). This form requires both partners' personal information and signatures. It must be notarized before submission.

Submitting the Declaration

After the declaration is properly filled out and notarized, it should be submitted along with the required filing fee to the California Secretary of State's office. The fee can vary, so it's important to check the current cost at the time of filing.

Post-Filing Considerations

Upon acceptance of the declaration, the state recognizes the domestic partnership. Couples may then be eligible for benefits such as health insurance coverage, hospital visitation rights, and other protections under California law.

It's essential for partners in a domestic partnership to update their estate planning documents and consider powers of attorney, as these can further solidify their wishes in legal terms.

Historical Context and Changes Over Time

The concept of domestic partnerships has evolved over time in California. Initially designed to provide legal recognition for same-sex couples when marriage was not an option, domestic partnerships have expanded following legal advancements in marriage equality. This allows all couples to choose a domestic partnership if they prefer it over marriage for personal or financial reasons.


Filing for a domestic partnership in California is a significant step that affords couples many similar protections as marriage. By following the proper procedures and ensuring all eligibility criteria are met, partners can establish their legal union with confidence.