Legal strategies for enforcing visitation rights in New Jersey

Understanding Visitation Rights in New Jersey

In the state of New Jersey, visitation rights, also known as parenting time, are taken very seriously. These rights ensure that non-custodial parents have the opportunity to maintain a relationship with their children. However, when custodial parents refuse to honor court-ordered visitation schedules, non-custodial parents must employ various legal strategies to enforce their rights.

Legal Recourse for Enforcing Visitation Rights

When visitation disputes arise, there are several legal avenues that can be pursued:

It's essential for non-custodial parents seeking enforcement to keep meticulous records of any missed visits and communication with the custodial parent concerning visitation.

Historical References and Examples

A historical example of visitation enforcement is seen in Vespa v. Vespa, where the New Jersey Superior Court addressed non-compliance with visitation orders. In this case, the court not only ordered makeup parenting time but also modified the existing order to prevent further violations.


Successfully enforcing visitation rights in New Jersey requires understanding the legal remedies available and often necessitates navigating complex legal proceedings. Non-custodial parents should seek the counsel of an experienced family law attorney to guide them through this process and help ensure their relationship with their children remains strong.