What is the process for contesting a child custody evaluation in Michigan?

Understanding Child Custody Evaluations in Michigan

In Michigan, a child custody evaluation is a process by which the court assigns an evaluator, often a psychologist or a social worker, to assess the family situation and make recommendations on the best interest of the child. The evaluator considers various factors such as the child's relationship with each parent, the parents' mental and physical health, and the home environment.

The Basis for Contesting a Custody Evaluation

There may be instances where a parent believes that a custody evaluation has been conducted improperly or contains substantial inaccuracies. Grounds for contesting an evaluation might include evaluator bias, procedural errors, or overlooking critical evidence.

Steps to Contest a Child Custody Evaluation in Michigan

  1. Review the Evaluation: Obtain a copy of the custody evaluation report and review it thoroughly to identify any potential errors or biases.
  2. Gather Evidence: Collect evidence that supports your claim that the evaluation is flawed. This might include communications with the evaluator, contradictory records, or expert testimony.
  3. File a Motion: File a motion with the court requesting a review or challenge of the custody evaluation. This motion should detail why you believe the report is incorrect and present your supporting evidence.
  4. Request for a Hearing: Ask for a court hearing to present your case. During this hearing, you can argue your points and present witnesses or experts who can support your position.
  5. Appoint a New Evaluator: If you successfully challenge the original evaluation, you may request that the court appoints a new evaluator to conduct another assessment.

Legal Representation and Expert Witnesses

Having legal representation is crucial when contesting a child custody evaluation. A family law attorney can help navigate the complexities of the legal process and advocate on your behalf. Additionally, hiring expert witnesses such as independent psychologists can provide further support for your claims against the initial evaluation findings.


The process of contesting a child custody evaluation in Michigan is complex and requires diligent preparation and presentation of evidence. Parents looking to challenge an evaluation should be prepared for a potentially lengthy legal battle but remember that the child's best interests will always be at the heart of any custody decision.