What are the laws concerning child relocation in Ohio?

Understanding Child Relocation Laws in Ohio

When a custodial parent decides to move with their child, the laws surrounding child relocation become critical. In Ohio, these laws are designed to balance the custodial parent's right to relocate for various reasons like employment opportunities or family support against the non-custodial parent's right to maintain a meaningful relationship with their child.

Legal Framework Governing Child Relocation

In Ohio, Revised Code 3109.051(G) mandates that any parent with a shared parenting plan or custody order must provide notice before relocating. The notice must be filed with the court and served to the non-relocating parent, allowing them the opportunity to object. If an objection is filed, the court will typically hold a hearing to determine if the relocation is in the child's best interest.

Courts Consideration for Best Interests of the Child

The court considers several factors when evaluating a proposed relocation, including:

Historically, courts favored maternal custody, which impacted relocation decisions. However, modern courts focus on gender-neutral evaluations based on the child's best interests.

Examples of Relocation Cases in Ohio

Consider a historical case where one parent wanted to move out of state due to remarrying. In Davis v. Davis, a 1996 Ohio case, the court denied the mother’s request to relocate with her child because it found that such a move would not be in the child’s best interest due to significant disruption in the father-child relationship.

Modification of Parenting Plans and Custody Orders

If relocation is permitted, parenting plans and custody orders may need modification to address new visitation schedules and communication methods. The relocating parent might also be required to facilitate transportation for visitation.

Safeguards for Non-Relocating Parents

Ohio law provides safeguards for non-relocating parents, including potential adjustments in custody arrangements if relocation significantly disrupts their ability to exercise parental rights and responsibilities.


Child relocation laws in Ohio require careful consideration of all parties' rights and interests. Parents contemplating such moves must comply with legal notice requirements and be prepared for court scrutiny regarding their child's welfare.